Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wish list wednesday (dark vs. light)


1. pewter toned antler hair pins, from 4thesparrowsnest
2. natural beauty, from bando
3. these frozen fields photograph, from jen kiaba
4. green door bell clock, from karen miller

vs. light

1. 2010 letterpress calendar, from albertine press
2. winter jacket, from sally scott
3. golden bow drawstring pouches, from nice package
4. to and fro booties, from anthropologie


  1. Those Anthropologie booties are so classic! Lovely finds all around. Glad I found your blog. =)

  2. Love the sally scott winter collection! All of those photos are amazing!

  3. I really love love the antler hair pins and the bow pouches are really my faves !

  4. Oh my goodness! Those booties are so incredibly beautiful. Then again mostly everything for Anthropologie is breathtaking.

  5. Oh those booties are gorgeous! I join your wishlist!

  6. Oh I love the shoes!!! Great picks.

  7. Normally I'm drawn to lighter images, but the collection of the dark is just so enchanting! Maybe it's the fall season!

    {And wouldn't you just kill to have red hair like the girl in the second photo?! I've seen several of the shots with her now, and her hair is sooo pretty!}

  8. Awesome post! Love the dark vs. light - with such lovely items.