Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...I want it all...

It's so rare that I come across a shop and think "I want everything. Absolutely everything." I stumbled across PaperBinder's Etsy shop last night and seriously want to buy everything in it. I'm already a sucker for cute paper goods, but these seem universally appealing and downright sweet, not to mention their price tags, which are so reasonable. So here is my imaginary day where I've actually bought all these things and they're filling my life with straight up goodness.

I go out to my porch to have my morning cup of coffee and watch the summer breeze swinging this darling little birdcage around:

I go back inside and write my mom a little note, and hang on the tiniest hanger of life. I pop in in the mail to her and know just how much it's going to brighten her day:


While I'm at it, I pop this in the mail to my niece:

It's time to head out to a few estate sales and maybe to the farmer's market, so I grab this sweet little tote to store all my finds:

A little later on, I'll have to sort through the day's receipts and file them all away for tax season, and this would make it so much cheerier:


Seriously, I want all of it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tuesday Trends: Staging

There's nothing I like more than a superbly staged item photo. Some shops, like Solanah, are simply known for their expertly staged and truly retro photos that just fling you back in time to the original life of the item. What I love about her shop is the absolute reveling in nostalgic goodness:

A shop that's new to me is Dalena Vintage. Browsing through this shop is like walking through the home of some reclusive and glorious celebrity whose live-in best friend also happens to be a master photographer equipped with a Polaroid land camera:

Last week, I posted about the movie Grey Gardens. The shop Vanille Vintage feels very much like a glammed-up Grey Gardens, where a rustic exterior is met head-on with vibrant and very modern shapes and design, like the glamor of an outfit will always outspeak its surroundings:

So many of Sparkle Bird's photos remind me of Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills. They all seem plucked from a larger, grander narrative, and we can only piece together the story, which is undoubtedly intriguing and ridiculously fascinating:

Monday Muse: Symbiopsychotaxiplasm

Last week, we watched a pretty amazing film, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. It's shot in Central Park, where multiple sets of actors reshoot the same scene again and again with mis-direction, no direction, and poor direction.

A separate camera crew is filming the first camera crew, and all the workings of the film are hyper-analyzed by the crew in a scene where they're all sitting in a smoke-filled editing room as they critique the shortcomings of the director to death.

The only part of the film that's "directed" is the scene between the two actors in Central Park--the real action is what's happening around that scene. Although the film itself was amazing, it was really the fashions of Central Park in the late 60's that kept me entertained (i.e., distracted) for most of the movie. While I was really supposed to be focusing on the narrative and meta-narrative of the movie, I kept thinking, "I want that dress, and that dress and that dress..."

So, recreate Symbiopsychotaxiplasm in the park with these finds, and rent the movie while you're at it!

From OldAge, $39

From Duchess Vintage, $75

Coming this week: Summer Fling

Summer is finally here, and I couldn't be more excited. Here's what's coming to the shop this week!