Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Muse: Symbiopsychotaxiplasm

Last week, we watched a pretty amazing film, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. It's shot in Central Park, where multiple sets of actors reshoot the same scene again and again with mis-direction, no direction, and poor direction.

A separate camera crew is filming the first camera crew, and all the workings of the film are hyper-analyzed by the crew in a scene where they're all sitting in a smoke-filled editing room as they critique the shortcomings of the director to death.

The only part of the film that's "directed" is the scene between the two actors in Central Park--the real action is what's happening around that scene. Although the film itself was amazing, it was really the fashions of Central Park in the late 60's that kept me entertained (i.e., distracted) for most of the movie. While I was really supposed to be focusing on the narrative and meta-narrative of the movie, I kept thinking, "I want that dress, and that dress and that dress..."

So, recreate Symbiopsychotaxiplasm in the park with these finds, and rent the movie while you're at it!

From OldAge, $39

From Duchess Vintage, $75


  1. Dynamic Finds Indeed. Honored to be included.


  2. That green wall among the blue dress is a stunning photo!