Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photobooth Portraiture

Be sure to go over to Square America to check out the series on Photobooth Portraiture. These are some of my very favorites from the series, but the site is stuffed with other great series, including one you can't miss on hairstyles.

I think my favorite here has to be the last one, where only the forehead and ponytail of a little girl obviously too short for the photobooth poses anyway.


  1. too cool. I love them all, but that cowgirl is esp. awesome.

  2. Lovely photos! aw so cute these are!

  3. great link - thank you! what fabulous stories these pictures tell....

  4. I've always love love photobooth photos and the last one is indeed so adorable ! heeee

    Ohhh there's this site that I go to for my photobooth photos!

    Go try it out,its lots of fun and cute sound effects<3
    And I've emailed you the winners for the giveaway already. Still owe you one more person's contact.

  5. that is awesome!!! and there are so many great portraits!