Monday, April 27, 2009

Non Sequitur Contest

Remember those few and far between amazing shirts you come across once in a long while at thrift stores--the ones with the fuzzy letters that say something like "Bobby loves meatballs" or "Bingo Sandwich"?

I'm bringing them back. Starting tomorrow, I'm listing a line of non sequitur t-shirts, just as good as you remember them--nonsense spelled out in fuzzy letters on reclaimed t-shirts.

Here's where you come in. Post below with a saying you'd like to see on a shirt, and if I use it, you get a $10 gift certificate to the shop. Have fun!


  1. Don's Vitamin Team.

    only because the shirt already exists.

  2. "Have you seen the Tilly Lizard, clean and white?"

    It's from a dream I had once where I was walking around on the floor of the ocean asking each and every fish I met that question.. over and over. I have always thought it would make a great band name... "Tilly Lizard" and their first album could be... "Clean and White."

    Or how about "Salted Cat Feet 5 Cents"

    "Pocket Full-o-Lye"

    "Button Up for Cannibalism!"

    "Steak Dinner Knitting Circle" Because nothing goes better than sirloin and yarn....